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August 23, 2019

Chromite ore


Chromite Ore Manufacturers

Smayaz Transact International PLC is one of the renowned chromite ore manufacturers in Ethiopia. We are dealing in ores of tantalum and chromite for many years. We are prominent in the market for various reasons like persistence, loyalty and quality. As a dealer of mineral, we are thriving hard to make inroads in the international market by providing our top quality raw materials to corporate buyers.

With a wide range of expert and professional employees, we assess the raw materials to be sold. At the same time, we assure that customers always remain more than satisfied with our articles. To maintain our quality, we have established a quality control (QC) department. The department makes sure that none of our ordered product ships with an error.

Best Chromite Ore Manufacturers

Chromite is an oxide mineral, comprises of oxygen, iron and chromium. It is extracted in black to dark gray in color with the metallic and submetallic luster. Unlike tantalum ore, chromite has a high specific gravity. The minerals are produced when the rocks (chromite-breaking) are modified by weathering and heat.

Chromite is vital as it is the only economic ore related to chromium. Chromium is an essential element for a variety of chemical, metal and processed products. According to chromite ore manufacturers, a few minerals contain chromium. However, none of them is unable to be mined economically for the production of chromium.

There are several attributes which must be considered for differentiating it from other metallic ores. Sometimes, chromite is a bit magnetic. Its magnetic property can cause confusion as compared to magnetite. Ilmenite, along with chromite have very similar features. Kimber lite is among those rocks that contain the world’s most precious diamond deposits along with chromite and Ilmenite.

In chemical composition, the majority of the chromite ore manufacturers come up to the required yardstick, after averaging, to produce typical sort of chrome magnetite parts. There are six kinds of ores related to chromite as far as mineralogical characteristics are concerned. They are serpentine-carbonate-quartz, serpentine-carbonate-amphibole, serpentine-carbonate-chlorite, serpentine-carbonate-brucite, serpentine-carbonate, and serpentine.

We are renowned for meeting with the lead time within the agreed time period owing to our state-of-the-art network of transportation. Smayaz Transact International PLC is committed to retaining our name among the reliable chromite ore manufacturers in the market. We thrive on being the leader in the market. If you want to know about our products which we offer, kindly visit the ‘products’ tab.

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